Friday, April 2, 2010

Took some time off....

..:: Mood: RESTORED::..

Ok ya'll... i've been cheating... with my studies (OK, and maybe a little twitter here and there). iHaven't been on my my blog tip lately... forgive me. Plus, iTold my bf iWould have 15 blogs done by Sunday... wtf was iThinking?? =/ lol

Well folks, It's April, which means the month of May is rapidly approaching. May 15, 2010 iWill be a fellow graduate and alum of the most prestigious Historically Black College, North Carolina Central University. yaaaaay #clapforme. SN: why does everyone ask, "Are you Ready??" umm... NO. i'm stepping into the REAL WORLD and leaving my friends from school. I'm excited about finally graduating and embarking into a new journey... but ready?? iDon't think so, not by a long shot! The beautiful thing about life: iHave no choice but to be... sheeeesh.

Let's see... it's Good Friday (Happy Easter Folks)... and i'm in none other than the #dmv of course. And my little sister just came up from college, so this weekend it's all about la familia =)
oh.. but iAm excited about hooking up with the hubster later tonight. We're going to the Wizards game (even tho they're gonna lose lol) and then tomorrow we're going to see "Why Did iGet Married Too??"
SN: did ya'll knew they had midnight viewings last night?? how #pressed!

ne hoo... that's all that had been going on. Hope you guys are out enjoying this beautiful weather... iKnow iAm!!


Keri Hilson... #epicfail

Ya'll remember sometime last year, when Cuba Gooding Sr completely butchered the National Anthem?? Well once again.. another black person has done us wrong, Keri damn Hilson. iJust dont understand how you could sing the song without knowing the words? How are you an AMERICAN and you don't know the words? iLearned this shyt in Elementary school.... Ne ways..listen to how the crowds blows her out, they thought the same thing iThought, "Sit the hell down, ur done." (or maybe that's just me). Ne hoo, she tried to recover from it.. but, well... i'll let ya'll watch it for yourselves...