Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NEW YEAR!!! Guess who's BAAACCCK????

first... iCan't be rude, HAPPY FREAKN NEW YEAR!!!! (blows horn and makes all that NYE noise) how amazing is the good lord to bless us thus far????? *does a quick shout*.....

iDigress... (had to get that out that way before iCut up) #dontjudge... it's a new year... =) (kidding)... Dear anyone that reads this and say this phrase, "It's a new year... new yr, new me! new this... new that.... blah blah blah" please stop saying that shyt. No... seriously! Don't get me wrong... i'm all for change.. but iHate the fact that ppl wanna wait until Jan 1st to makeover their life... and then March 5th be back to the same ol bullsh**. (ooops!!) I'm just saying ppl... LIVE ur life everyday. If you feel like u gotta rearrange some things, then damn it do so!! You mean to tell me.. if u screw up now, you're seriously gonna wait an entire 360 days to do so??? O_o but hey... who am I to judge??? =)

back to the drawing board folks... Welcome back to my blog. iTook a hiatus, not for any particular reason... life just took a hold on me (iGuess). But i'm back.. and hopefully iWill stay committed this time!! My blog and I are in a VERY open relationship... it doesn't mind that often times iMay cheat on it w Twitter. Speaking of... time for a shameless plug:

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anyways doe *kat stacks voice*... be on the lookout for changes and updates!!! besos!!!