Friday, April 2, 2010

Took some time off....

..:: Mood: RESTORED::..

Ok ya'll... i've been cheating... with my studies (OK, and maybe a little twitter here and there). iHaven't been on my my blog tip lately... forgive me. Plus, iTold my bf iWould have 15 blogs done by Sunday... wtf was iThinking?? =/ lol

Well folks, It's April, which means the month of May is rapidly approaching. May 15, 2010 iWill be a fellow graduate and alum of the most prestigious Historically Black College, North Carolina Central University. yaaaaay #clapforme. SN: why does everyone ask, "Are you Ready??" umm... NO. i'm stepping into the REAL WORLD and leaving my friends from school. I'm excited about finally graduating and embarking into a new journey... but ready?? iDon't think so, not by a long shot! The beautiful thing about life: iHave no choice but to be... sheeeesh.

Let's see... it's Good Friday (Happy Easter Folks)... and i'm in none other than the #dmv of course. And my little sister just came up from college, so this weekend it's all about la familia =)
oh.. but iAm excited about hooking up with the hubster later tonight. We're going to the Wizards game (even tho they're gonna lose lol) and then tomorrow we're going to see "Why Did iGet Married Too??"
SN: did ya'll knew they had midnight viewings last night?? how #pressed!

ne hoo... that's all that had been going on. Hope you guys are out enjoying this beautiful weather... iKnow iAm!!


Keri Hilson... #epicfail

Ya'll remember sometime last year, when Cuba Gooding Sr completely butchered the National Anthem?? Well once again.. another black person has done us wrong, Keri damn Hilson. iJust dont understand how you could sing the song without knowing the words? How are you an AMERICAN and you don't know the words? iLearned this shyt in Elementary school.... Ne ways..listen to how the crowds blows her out, they thought the same thing iThought, "Sit the hell down, ur done." (or maybe that's just me). Ne hoo, she tried to recover from it.. but, well... i'll let ya'll watch it for yourselves...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BGC Reunion..... #TeamNAT

DAMN! Let me be the first to say it, YES iLove watching BGC (Bad Girls Club) and iAm an avid fan... this season has had me hooked! Them girls are just a hot mess all around, they're FAR from BAD.. but if they're one thing for sure, it's definitely entertaining....iDon't even know where to start...

Well first.. let's start with the hostess who damn sure did the mostest, Miss Prez Hilton. I've never been a fan of hers... but MAN! She literally did and said whatever the hell she wanted, and iLOVED every minute of it!! She's probably the only person iKnow that could shut Natalie's loud, crazy ass up! Ne hoo, that mouth of his matched his outfit --> LOUD && WRONG! ugggh.. that pink from head to toe mix was a MESS. and while he was busy spraying Nat & Kate down w his water gun, someone shouldve been washing that bullshyt off of him. uggggh... However, he was hilarious! iMean he had absolutely NO limits to what he said.. my fave was when he asked Natalie if she was f*cking Chris Brown!! Or no.. better yet, when he asked Kendra did she give the bop (head for u non-dmvers) and she denied (we'll come back to that later) and then he turned to Natalie and said, "Well.. i'm sure you give blow jobs" HA! iDamn near DIED tonight... whooo!

Now just a few updates for u BGC watchers who didn't get to tune in:
...Amber is preggo by that damn predator guy *sticks tongue down throat* personally, iThink it's real coincidental how the bitch gets knocked up around reunion time, she knew wouldnt nobody be able to dogg her.. urgh!
..Kate and and Paul are back together for some reason his ass was there making comments n shyt. burrr... who are you Paul??
...Supposedly Kate made a tape to where she was "fisting"... idk, Nat spilled the beans
...Kendra was there also, promoting her new show: "Love Games" and she brought her lil "boy toys" with her... not to mention, Mr. Marcus, remember Moesha's little brother? Well he was there.. and Kendra was tryna act all goodie goodie for the boy. That was until Nat spilled her beans as well, and basically let everyone know that Kendra smashed the homie. hmmm... and lemme tell ya'll about her. So u Perez basically asked her did she give a blow job before, and this bitch gonna say: "no, iDon't do that.... iDont give blow jobs." whaaaaat??? yeah SURE Kendra! b!tch it's 2010... anyone who says they don't give the bop is clearly lying... puuh-leeease!!
... Ne ways, back to #TeamNAT, all those bishes were acting scared when she came on the scene. Everyone suddenly befriended and didn't have a problem with her , #lies. Well, all but two people, Kate and Flo. Kate was trying it with Natalie for some reason... and Natalie surely did get her ass up and spit right back into Kate's face
(SN: that spitting shyt is horrendous!! iHope none you participate in such #bitchassness.... come on now, be real!)

Perhaps the biggest score of the night, was the fight instigated between Nat and Flo. Flo the man walked out on the set, as butch as she could be. As soon as she could, she began making threats.. and literally no one said shyt about or to her. smh... that was #bitchassness in it's purest form. iWish Flo wouldve had me shook.. big or not, dyke or not.. it is what it is!
Ne hoo, so Flo and Nat get into it... and Flo got up and started tagging her ass. Can't see what happened next because of course Oxygen was pressed for the ratings, so they're saving it until next week.

Either way... iSeriously couldn't take Season 4's "bad girls"... them bishes were everything BUT badd.... hmmmm. iGuess we'll all be tuned in next week to see two of the realest scrap it out!

[im sure i'll have more to say later, but That's all iCan think of now]



Ok ya'll.... we on some new type shyt with this blog... this is all seriousness, so pardon RudeGal for a minute, all jokes will be set aside. Many ppl ask what is this "Illuminati" that my friends and I joke about...

Disclaimer this is just an opinion that iAm entitled to and that iHave. All information obtained, iResearched and read.

A couple of months ago, iWas in my room and iOverheard a conversation my roommate was having in the living room. It was a heated argument, so what started out as me ease dropping, turned into me actually being engaged in the discussion. She was taking about the "Illuminati"... and iWas like buuurrr... =/

iBegan asking questions, and next thing iKnow... we spent the entire evening researching and you tubing videos on the "Illuminati"

Illuminati is believed to be a secret society, ideally connected with the government, and often times is used to control politics and the music and entertainment industry. The theories based from Illuminati, are centered around satanism and the belief of creating a: "New World Order." There is much symbolism in these teaching.. much of which is rumored to be creatively hidden within music videos, movies, hand signs, etc.

There is much more to be said and revealed... however, if you want to know the truth behind these meanings... then do your research people.

Most videos can be found on YouTube, which go into a greater detail. This was a recent video posted, that iThought iWould share this with you guys...

LiKE Father LiKE son.... Young Diggy in the game!

So we've all come to fall in love with America's 2nd family, The Simmons...
[some say First, but how DARE ya'll come at the Obamas like that, r ya'll crazy??]

I for one have much respect for that family... they're some hustlers forreal!! That is one wealthy name to live under, but they all make their own money, u can't disagree with that. They may have started off with that Run DMC money.. but they definitely didn't stay there. Angela and Vanessa got their lil Pastry thing going on.. Jo Jo is making his way in the music business.. but the newest talk in town is about Mr. Diggy Simmons, himself.

On the show we saw Diggy's sudden passion for fashion (lil dude is fly too, if iDon't say) but it seems that now, the lyrical gene has yet again been passed down. Check out Diggy's latest freestyle off Nas' "Made You Look." He ripped it in my opinion.. looks like big bro has some competition! oowwww......

ps.... Diggy has a mixtape out called "The First Flight". If you would like to hear more about this young man... u should download. it's pretty dapper....


Home Wrecker!!

Ok ya'll... so how do ya'll feel about the whole Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats situation?? iMean.. can we call Alicia a home wrecker? Was it really over before her an Swizz got started??? IDK...

Personally, iFeel some type of way about them two now. iMean, iGet it, all marriages do not work out. But i'm sure that damn Swizz was making passes at Alicia for a min, WHEN he was MARRIED. iMean really, these two have been "close" for a number of years now..iJust feel that as a woman, Alicia should have had much more respect for Mashonda. Alicia Keys sings about love all the time, she knew what the shyt was.

This situation just rubs me the wrong way... why is it that men and women pursue people that already have significant others?? iJust hate how people can be super thirsty for others. iJust don't get it... the excuse: "well, they're breaking up anyways..." come on now! First off, if you've ever been in a serious relationship, u know that breaking up isn't just a one day process. You don't just call it quits and ur done. You go thru the stages of letting go, u know.. first there's still still sex involved, then the phone calls and texts, maybe a few visits.... u gradually let things go. And even still... MOST ppl try to make it work u know? Now how the HELL could u make it work, when u already have someone in ur face?? Of course everything that person does will be damn near majestic compared to ur current situation.

idk people... maybe someone can explain this to me...?? Even with guys, for some reason i'm a magnet to niccas with girlfriends. So many guys will try to holla, when wholetime "wifey" is at home. buuurrr.... never got down with that! Karma is a vengeful b!tch, and she's nothing to play with. I'll be damned if some thirsty trick comes along and tries to take my dude.... not happening. So iHave respect for those "wifeys" cuz trust me women, while he's telling you " she's this.. she's that. i'm gonna leave her, ur so perfect, blah blah fckn blah" he's still going back to her ass everyday. He's still on the phone w her ass every night. You're nothing and will always be the "side ho". And even still, IF he does decide to be with you... he'll eventually do the same thing to you that he did with the other woman, CHEAT.

I'm sure Alicia and Swizz may be happy together... but iStill call that trick a home wrecker! They didn't even let the damn ink dry on the divorce papers before they were out, seen publicly together. Smdh at that one....


Monday, March 15, 2010

We Can't be FRIENDS??


So... this is something that's been on my mind heavily recently.

iWas told recently by a male friend, that he couldn't "date" me because iWas too big of a flirt and had WAY too many male friends. hmmm.. i've heard this many times before, but never has a reason to "not be dated." Coincidentally a few days later, my dude and iHad a falling out, and a allegation was made about me and a male friend, and suddenly i've come to realize that he too, had a problem. hmmmmm...

Then there's the next situation... so i'm cool with the majority of my ex boyfriends, probably all of them really. Some of them, iTalk to on the phone, others iMay just chill with. Regardless, they've easily been placed into the "friend category", it's not a big deal, #webeenoffthat. Not to mention, a vast amount of my friends are males anyways (No disrespect to my ladies, but at times, we do the MOST, iCan't be around too may females at once) ne hoo, the point is, iHave a tremendous amount of male friends. Recently, i've hung out w one of them, strictly plutonic, just a day spent in Georgetown, shopping in DC. So my dude friends finds out, via a twitter ( he read my tweet that said: "Shopping with the ex today.. THIS should be interesting") and he's like, "wait.. does so and so know?? ex huh? there's no such thing as being friends w an ex..."

REALLY?? Why isn't it? And WHY is it that iCan't even have male friends. If iHave one too many it's, "oh iCant date you." NO... you can't "date" me because i'm secure with myself, my sexuality, and my relationship to be able to keep things strictly plutonic. iJust don't get it. iCould be in the same room as someone iHad sex with and not think anything of it [well... most times, hehehe] Mannn... guys do this shyt all the time! Have a billion female friends, associate with exes... it's no crime then. but when RudeGal does it, the world stops. yeaaah ok!!

The moral of this story was, iTotally disagree with not being able to be friends with the opposite sex or ex. Unless you're still in love w them or feelings are involved, then there should be no problem. People just need to check their feelings at the damn door. [leave it there]...#trustme, it's easy.....


A HOT Mess....

Ok ya'll.... so iKnow much attention has been centered around Precious aka Gabouret Sidibe (but clearly we all know of her as lil Precious, #effumean??) ne hoo, this pic has surfaced the net and MAN! iMean, i'm sure her money isn't long enough to blow just yet... but even on your brokest day, should u NEVER look like this. idk ya'll... Oprah needs to holla at her forreal, cuz ALL of that needs to go! The tracks, the shoes, EVERYTHING.

SN: Honestly, iFeel as though some type or work out plan should be implemented. That size can't even be considered healthy. One of my friends said: "I'm convinced her and Biggie were separated at birth!" *dead*... iWon't comment on that, BUT ya'll decide.. there is no excuse for this look.... lol

Friday, March 12, 2010

Video Premier: Lady Gaga feat Beyonce... "Telephone"

Ok folks...iGuess this is what everyone has been waiting for. [eeeeeeh =/]

I've never been much of a Gaga fan... iMean honestly, iJust don't get the "Gaga frenzy".... but what iDo love and respect about here is the: "iDo what the f#@!% iWant!" attitude she has!! yessssss!

The video isn't bad, it's extremely creative and entertaining, reminds me of MJ, he always gave us meaningful videos. Like, it was just a shoot of him dancing on cars, with money flying everywhere and girls dancing... there's an actual concept, with choreo, costumes, the whole nine.

The video costs $$$$.... and u can tell!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

♫ New Music: Wale "Who Don't" ♫

Ok guys.... so ya'll know i'm an avid Wale fan, so iJumped head first into this leak. Check out Wale's latest song, "Who Don't" featuring Fat Trel and Black Cobain. Wale is one of #DMV's finest... and defintely puts on for the area.

[ugggh i'm SO in love]

zSHARE - 01 Who Dont.mp3

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rest in Peace B.I.G...

Man... today marks the 13th year death anniversary, of Hip Hop mogul, Christopher George Wallce, formally known as "Notorious B.I.G."
Biggie was murdered on March 9, 1997, in Los Angeles, by an unknown assailant in a drive-by shooting. He will forever be remembered, and was truly one of the greatest MC's to ever bless the music industry. So let's commemorate his life and pay our respects, ladies and gents.
Today, Diddy is supposed to throw the "Biggest party in Brooklyn!" Supposedly he's going to in the BK, giving away money as well! DAYUM... iSO wish iCould be there [iNeed a few bills paid, via @iamdiddy. sheeeesh]

"We'll always love you Big Poppa"....
Rest in Peace.
Christopher George Latore Wallace
May 21, 1972- March 9, 1997

Bye Bye Wayne... HELLO TIP

So... my loves, today was the day. Dwayne M. Carter was finally submitted into the prison system. iMean iThought the judge would choke off a cracker n then get a sudden case of amnesia and just totally dismiss the case. [don't act like that wasn't possible]

Ne hoo... i'm not as sick as iThought iWould be. [of course i'm Lil Wayne's number one fan... ugggh iLove him, iReally do] iMean.. this story has been like the boy who's cried wolf, every two weeks that nicca was going to jail... then it got to the point when iNever believed it. Ne hoo... let's all keep him in our prayers. the old saying goes, "Out with the old, IN with the New".... and today's NEW NEW is none other than T.I... Mr. TIP himself. iGuess now that Wayne is gone... TIP can try to reclaim what's left of the throne.

@LilDuval released a link to Tip's latest song "I'm Back." Indeed he is ladies n gents... the little short bastard [speaking of LilDuval of course] deleted the link after like 30 mins of posting.. but luckily iFound the song on youtube. He's going IN of course... except iFeel like i've heard that beat from him at least 5 times already... idk. Ne ways, the shyt still rocks! Enjoy!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

How do u 'accidentally' sleep w a man???

OK.... so iWas doing a little web browsing... and iStumbled upon this story today....

FIRST off my question is: "Is it really possible to ACCIDENTALLY sleep w someone???"iJust don't understand...

There's a crime investigation going on in Leaugue City, Texas, apparently a woman was raped.

So here's the real scoop....

A young couple, 22 year old woman and 25 year old man, attended a party at a friend's house. The woman got completely WASTED, and the couple decided that instead of going home, they would stay the night at the friend's house.

At some point during the night, the woman felt someone tugging on her under wear, and next thing u know... she's all into it, just allowing the person to pull them down. She says, "she was under the impression that it was her boyfriend"... hmmmm...

Ne hoo, the woman then allowed the dude to insert, and they began having sex. BUT, she never saw his face because of the alleged position they were in ---> mhhhhm, that's right! he went straight for the kill... doggy styled her.

After it was over, dude walked out the room... and it was THEN that she rolled over and realized that, that WASN'T her damn boyfriend.

Now the police are looking for the dude, who is being described as a white male, 5'7 and 140 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. If found, he will be charged with First Degree Sexual Assault, and could face up to 20 years in prison. hmmmmm...

Now... tell me what do ya'll think?? My thing is this... first off, iJust refuse to believe the chick never turned around ONCE. iMean really. How u feel someone tugging at ur drawers and u just going along with it? iCan see if she were at home.. in her own bed. But ur staying at some one's house, HELLO??.. that couldve been anyone. [see... that's why u always have to be aware of ur surroundings at ALL times]

And idk about charging that guy with rape. iMean, technically it wasn't rape cuz she damn sure consented to the act of sexual intercourse with him. Maybe he thought she was a lil loose joint ready for some action??

Idk... this entire situation is just mind boggling to me... accidental sex?? iThink NOT. Texas laws are always a trip.. iCould never live in that redneck of a state... Home girl needs to stop playing and fess up.... about to ruin some one's life over her stupidity.

What ya'll think???


..::RanDUMB Facts::..

These are just a few random facts about me...

.:: iLove to sleep... but iNever get enuff of it
.:: i've been to over 1,000 parties... and most of them were w @oneEYEDmonsta
.:: i'm addicted to twitter... sorry FB, u've easily been replaced
.:: iLook JUST like my mom... no seriously
.:: my fav drink is "Sex on the Beach"... that drink NEVER gets old
.:: i'm in love... and iLike it
.:: iCant sleep on my back....
.:: Bagels are like my fav thing to eat!! ugggh... [so craving one rite now]
.:: iHate the color pink... and that used to be my fave color lls
.:: iHave really HUGE tits.... and iHate that
.:: i'm always sick... like seriously, iGet a cold like once a month...
.:: i'm addicted to my phone...
.:: iThink i'm a homo phob.... (ssshhh.. don't tell ne one)
.:: iHave thee BEST smile in the world... =)
.:: iLove anything ViNTAGE... even tho thrift stores r being run down to the ground ugggh
.:: RudeGal is my alter ego....
.:: iHave a smart ass mouth.... that usually gets me in trouble
.:: when i'm wasted.. iHave absolutely NO limits...
.:: absolutely is my favorite word...
.:: iLove to cook...
.:: my left tit is bigger than the right...
.:: iNamed my cha cha, "Miss Kitty" hehehehehe
.:: iGet annoyed VERY easily....
.:: iHate wearing stockings...
.:: i've never been big on heels [i mean.. i'll wear them] but i'm more of a BOOT kinna chick =)
.:: iHave small feet...
.:: my two fave movies are Love && Basketball n Crooklyn....
.:: iAbsolutely HATE the word "heezy"
.:: Actually... iHATE ne word with that "izzle" bullshyt added to it... [damn u Snoop)
.:: iCant stand no loud music... or loud TV. [that irks me!!!]
.:: i'm a REALLY big flirt.... like really.
.:: iHave a sick sense of humor... like iLaugh at ppl falling, getting dogged, farting, iLAUGH at everything that ur not supposed to...
.:: i'm on a new diet and this shyt BLOWS
.:: i'm OBSESSED w my locks... 1 yr in the game now... holla at meeh!!
.:: iCant STAND no dirty nails...
.:: iLOVE my dog.. [we talked about this earlier lls]
.:: oh... and my family... and my hunnie... and my friends.
.:: iWish iWas RICH
.:: iHave like 10 best friends...
.:: iCan listen to a song iLike Over n Over until iGet tired of it...
.:: Did iMention how much iLove kids??
.:: i'm both scared n excited for graduation.... either way, thank you Lord for helping me make it!
.:: i'm VERY religous....
.:: iNeed a nap..
.:: my fav perfume is "Princess" by Vera Wang
.:: speaking of... iHate the scent of chanel #5
.:: iOnce got hit by a car before... in DC, right by the Shrimp Boat [my bro still laughs about that]
.:: Sometimes... iCan be really ghetto
.:: iLike to drink 40s.... just sometimes
.:: iWrite poetry.... when iFeel inspired
.:: i'm a good girl, gone BAD
.:: iLove French Fries.. esp carry-out kind, w ketchup, hot sauce, salt n pepper
.:: iLOVE watching Reality TV
.:: i'm in love w Olubowale Folarin...
.:: and Dwayne M. Carter is my favorite rapper...
.:: Sunflowers r my fave flowers...
.:: iAm TERRIFIED of bugs..... yikes!
.:: Recently i've started crocheting... and iLove it
.:: i'm always in my nose....
.:: and iBlow it extremely loud...
.:: iHate when big ppl have small cars and little phones...
.:: and iHate big teeth n little gums... or little gums n big teeth. UGH
.:: i'm rapping right now... i'm telling it ALL
.:: iMiss my car.. Dollar. RIP baby...
.:: A ringing door bell or loud knock at a door always makes me paranoid...
.:: i'm scared of the dark...
.:: when it comes to dating.. i've never been big on LOOKS... personality is a MUST for meeh
.:: iThink i'm quite bossy... but most LOVE it
.:: one time iGot so wasted iDanced in a cage... [no comment]
.:: iGive really good massages...
.:: i'm bored... thus the reason i'm writing all of this...
.:: ... and iHope it's not too much to read lol
.:: iLike being naked =)
.:: my parents r THEE best...
.:: i'd rather wear boyshorts than regular panties...
.:: and iAbsolutely HATE thongs..
.:: iLOVE my blog... =)
.:: i'm on Twitter... r u follwing me?? --> @callme_RudeGal
.:: iHate when girls wear chipped finger/toe nail polish...
.:: iCould wear pajamas all day long...
.:: .. and sit in the house watching movies =) that's a perfect saturday...
.:: iLove the beach!!! iWant a beach house when iGet older...
.:: iHate when ppl touch my hair..
.:: iShook hands w George Bush before [that was WAY before he started screwing up] Had iKnown how horrible of a person he was, iWouldve kicked him down those stairs...
.:: iUsed to have a fish named Madison for 2 weeks... and cried when he died. =(
.:: iLove the smell of rubbing alcohol...
.:: iHave absolutely no eye brows at all.... ugggh
.:: iCan eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich EVERYDAY
.:: iLove Mickey Mouse
.:: Sometimes iHave really sick thoughts... like iThink of pushing niccas down stairs, or just walking up to someone and smacking the shyt outta them [ok.. maybe i'll stop here lol]
.:: My favorite phrase is: "i'll dogg ur shyt"
.:: iWish iKnew how to play the Keno... uggggh i need like $500,000 and i'll be good
.:: iNeed to wash my hair... and re twist.. and style. fuucccccck
.:: iThink i'll stop here.... i'm getting hungry lls


"Back in the Go Go"

...::Mood: relaxed::...

So... iWoke up in the DMV today... and BOY was that thee best!! iLove everything about home... the smells, the traffic, the damn snow, the way the city looks at night... the carry-outs, the bad ass kids that should be home but they're out walking the streets at night, the metro [where u meet thee craziest ppl], the road rage everyone has that matches mine, the crack heads u learn to deal with by age 10... iCould continue but iwould be ALL day on this subject....

All in all... "Feels good to be heeeerreee" *shawty lo voice*
Currently i'm sitting here with my dog... and she keeps bringing every chew toy possible in my bed... UGH, like WHY?? but iLove her tho. U ever watch TV, and u see those ppl that are obsessed w their dogs? U know.. the ones that talk to them in
baby voices and kiss them in the mouth??
yupp... that's me. #judgme, idc... but iLOVE my damn dog. hehehehe... matta fact, lemme add a pic :

Isn't she the most adorable thing EVER???

(#lies if u don't agree.....)

Ne damn ways.... im about to grab a bite to eat... and get ready to surf the city =)

catch ya'll waaaaaay later!!


Friday, March 5, 2010

New Drake... "OVER"

Ok... i'm sure we've all been anticipating Drake's CD, "Thank Me Later"
(btw.. WHEN is it gonna drop??) *naiwonshrug*

ne hoo... check out his latest release from the CD, "OVER" ... It's okay to me.. iThink for the most part, i'm just tired of Drake, he was exposed and used up WAY too early in the game... but i'll let ya'll decide.

or Nay?

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ok... so i'm sure by now we've all heard of that infamous FAMU sex tape....hmm.. before iEven share my thoughts and sentiments on that tape, iWill first like to declare:

That Sex tape is FALSE... iRepeat, FALSE. The tape is not real guys... so before u continue to retweet and forward emails.. please remove FAMU's name from any accreditation on that tape.

As a current student at an HBCU, iPersonally understand the consequences of such a tape.... SO i'm sure everyone attending FAMU is floored right now. If a #NCCUSexTape surfaced iWould be LIVID. Not only do iTake great pride in my institution, but also the representation of my school... how SICK of these ppl to use that school's name to try to win money. ( A $10,000 check to be exact)

Ne damn hoo... just thinking about this further is really pissing me off....

So.. thanks to a fellow blogger: vividlybland (check out her blog spot ---> ....
..the truth has been revealed. She says:
"Well i did a little investigating & its indeed a hoax. Jomarie, Alize, Cali, Double D's & Flawless--- I SEE YOU. They are paid actor's who are competing to win $10,000 from This is an actual porn. Real. Authentic. Just NOT from FAMU or in a FAMU dorm nor does it involve FAMU students."

Still not convinced??? WELL... as vivdlybland continued to investigate, she found out one of the girl's twitter... @Flawless_one1, who can also be found on MySpace as "Ashley Tidwell".. well ne ways.. for those who've seen the tape, she's the ghetto, hood joint that had the tongue ring, velour jacket and black shades (yesss... she was FOUL). Ne who... check below for these photos... does that scene look familiar???

(The names of the characters above are the actual people in the sex tape)

Well any damn way... that's the truth people. So everyone could stop getting so "hype" over this false tape that was actually a porno... iJust thought i'd pass along some factual info....
later creeps!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


OK... thanks to some of my fellow followers, hold on, lemme give them a  #twitterplug real quick.. 

EVERYONE FOLLOW--> @oneEYEDmonsta @EbonyWeLove && @Turnt_Up_21 (excuse the last twitter name.. he's hood and ratchet and doesn't know ne better lls)

So ne ways.. iThought iWas done with the blogs today.. but PUH-LEASE check out this damn video...
Supposedly this un proportioned ass body builder, was tryna give us a little 'sex therapy" the only therapeutic thing about this video however, was it cleansed my damn system... iDamn near puked.

SN: check out the cars in the background.... oh, and iCant forget the church!! no shame!

Damn a Bed Rock... i'm on Bed REST!

...::MOOD::... sick as a damn dog...

Currently iHave this hacking ass smokers cough. It sounds like iHave an 18-wheeler exhaust pipe in my throat. My eyes have huge dark circles around them, i'm looking real #asianboyfromthering ish right now.... and this is a #random question but: "You ever notice how when ur sick as hell, ur lips are like SUPER dry??" idk.. maybe that's just meeh..

Ne ways, today was hmm... as my homegirl Monica would say, "Just one of them damn days." I've been home all day because iStill have this blasted cold... so iPretty much did nothing but develop lessons plans and tweet/facebook it up ALL damn day. 

#SN: currently #ifuckedmymoneyupnowicantreup is a TT on twitter right now. SMH... ugh blame Lil Duval, and his absent minded followers....

Ne ways, back to my damn day. So yeah, iDid nothing really. And for some damn reason, everybody and their baby mama keep asking me about a damn probate on campus. buuur?? #fuckilooklike, the Dean of Greek Affairs??  

If ya'll can't tell.. i'm in a pretty snappy mood. Aunt Dot came to visit today, and she came at a FULL speed. yiiiikes!... and that's a mean bitch. iPromise you guys we do NOT get along at all... ne ways, the moral of that thought... Aunt Dot plus this damn cold, definitely made me a RudeGal today hehehehe....

SN: let me tell ya'll what Kim Kardashian's dumb ass tweeted:
@KimKarhdashian Pieces are the best! My dad, brother and boyfriend are pieces... Best sign for boys!!
Is that not the dumbest shyt ya'll have ever read?? dumb ass meant to say PICES... instead this bitch is talking about PIECES... no damn comment. smh...

lol.. ne ways...i'm about to warm up this spaghetti (yum yummy) and have me a nice, chilled fruit punch apple sauce for dessert =) i'm on my #kanyeworkoutplan and iShall not cheat!!!

later babies!!


He's at it AGAIN!!!

..::Disclaimer::.. This post is strictly for my LADIES, especially since the fellas like to hate on my man Trey so much! Nt hoo....

So...we all know of Trey's last video- "Addicted to Sex" that had all the ladies squirming, and clinching the legs just a little tighter (and any woman that tries to say she wasn't.... #lies), WELL the lil sex addict is back at it! Check out Trey's latest video.... "Neighbors Know My Name"

SN: That kiss at the end..... whoo wee!! (that was the leg clincher ladies!!!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

My laugh for today..... hehehehehe

So... i've had about enuff of black people getting DOGGED on public transportation. iMean REALLY, what is going on??
FIRST we had the situation with the black dude getting beat up on the AC transit bus, by some crazy white man... (Did ya'll catch that one?? hahahaha)
NOW here's this video of these two old women, a chinese lady and a black woman. I don't know how it started, but basically... the chinese lady went Jackie Chan and DOGGED that poor lady....
But i'll let you guys be the judge...
SN: look at the damn Chinese woman's face... she was really trying to kill that woman!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

HE forgave... so shall you

mood .:::. thoughtful....

Today we're going to venture off from RudeGal and get to know more of Kesh....

Anyone who knows me could validate how expanding my heart could be at times. Often times iThink of it as a gift and a curse. A gift because iRecognize the realness of God's love, and iShare that with all iEncounter. A curse because, so many times iHave been done wrong, and it's always easier to forgive than hold onto negative feelings. If iChose to hold my friends/family accountable for their wrongdoings in my life, iHardly wouldnt have anyone around. It's called love people, pure agape love.

 If anyone knows about hurt, it would definitely be me. iGrew up with just my dad, my step mom was there, but no one could ever replace a mother's love. My mom was "getting her life together" (that's what we'll call it for now lol). Years later when iWas older, my dad reunited me with my mother, and even tho our relationship was tarnished, at the end of the day, it was my mother. iHad forgiven her for her abandonment and accepted her back into my life. 
Then there are guys... i've been cheated on in probably majority of ALL of my relationships... but amazingly i've never been the "all men aint shyt" kinna chick. As jay would say, #ontothenextone... and that was just my attitude. iForgave and moved on... it was easier that way. 

From family, to boyfriends, to friends.... it's the same story. Many people would probably look at me as foolish, yeah most do lol.

Most recently, iFell out with a very close friend, a guy who was much like a brother to me., we'll call him Chad (the story is a LONG one... we'll come back to it later)But basically, he dated a mutual friend.. and iBecame the third party, hearing the he say/she say, stuck in the middle of their problems, which eventually resulted in a termination of my friendship with both friends. The relationship between Chad and I suffered tremendously. It went as far as to each of us bashing one another publicly, it was a mess. Ne ways... we talked about the issues and made up, but some of my friends feel as if i'm 'stupid' for forgiving him and dealing with him again. 

My response: one, i'm a grown woman who doesn't have to justify my actions to anyone, but most importantly... iForgave him, plain and simple. Just as iWould anyone, because God tells me to...

Think about it. 
I'm not studying theology, or aspiring to be anyone's Pastor... whatever God has planned for me, it's for me and will happen further down the line. However, iDo know this one thing... iAm living and breathing on this very earth because God forgave, Jesus forgave. If God did not love and forgive us for our transgressions, then he wouldnt have sent his only son down to save us. What if God got caught in his feelings each time we did something wrong? What if God cut me off for each time iWent out to party, took a sip of that non-holy wine, laid down with a man before marriage, listened to that satan music, lied to someone, disrespected my mother and father?.... i'm almost certain out of my 22 years of life, i've had to had broken damn near all the commandments [except for Murder... i'm good on that one. sheeesh] iMean hey, im #jussaying iKnow i'm not perfect, nor do iLead the life to be, but if there's one thing iAlways try to do right, it's to love. To recognize the unconditional love God has for us, and iShare that back with the world; and with that love, comes forgiveness. 

The moral of this thought was... if ur feeling some type of way towards someone, no matter how good or bad, FORGIVE THEM. I'm not saying you have to patch things up and be bffs all in one day, but forgiveness starts in one place, the heart. No one knows what's in there but God. Forgive... iGuarantee your life will be so much better. The weight on ur shoulders will be so much lighter.

That's all for now good people....
later or whateva


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nothing to wear... Nothing to do.

mood ..::. Sick as hell

Moment of silence for the Earthquake victims in Chile

So.. it's CIAA weekend, for the non-NC heads, it's basically a weekend held in Charlotte, that gives you a chance to party && bullshyt. Well, if iWanted to be politically correct, iWould say, it's a basketball tournament weekend, iThink; don't get me to lying. Ne ways.. the moral of that thought was, iSo shouldve went. Currently i'm stuck in blasted Durham with a sore throat, bad cough, and head ache.... blown. And what's worse is... iThink iGot this damn cold from my boyfriend. iCalled myself being a "ride or die" last weekend, iTook a trip back home and spent the entire weekend with him, while he was sick. Now... he's having dinner dates at PF Changs and Tattoo shops, and i'm sitting here with ya'll... No offense of course, iThink we having a great relationship, but right now it's much i'd rather do then sit at the computer screen and listen to this man ramble...

SN: So.. by no shape or form am I racist, but white ppl (esp these lil rich ass spoiled UNC/Duke students down here) can annoy the HELL out of me at times. So.. I'm sitting in the computer lab, and a pack of white chicks stumbled in (uber drunk) and the white girl falls into the lab, and blurts out: "Are you the shuttle bus driver?" Of course i'm giving her a MEAN side-eye... but iTried to be as nice as possible and iReplied: "Um... excuuuse me?" **pause** [it was then that she shouldve realized, okay she isn't lemme leave her alone. Did she? NO!] She continued, "iSaid, are YOU the shuttle bus driver?" iLooked to my left, looked to my right, then looked down at my attire, which consisted of black sweats, a black
PARADYCE [we'll come back to this name later] hoodie, and some 992s, WHAT about that said: "shuttle bus driver"....?? I simply told her to shut up and get the hell out.... #naiwonshrug

Ne ways, iSaid all of that to say... iWish iWere in Charlotte, NC right now instead of Durham. Better yet, scratch that... iWish iWere in the DMV. But it's kool... Spring Break is around the corner!!