Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nothing to wear... Nothing to do.

mood ..::. Sick as hell

Moment of silence for the Earthquake victims in Chile

So.. it's CIAA weekend, for the non-NC heads, it's basically a weekend held in Charlotte, that gives you a chance to party && bullshyt. Well, if iWanted to be politically correct, iWould say, it's a basketball tournament weekend, iThink; don't get me to lying. Ne ways.. the moral of that thought was, iSo shouldve went. Currently i'm stuck in blasted Durham with a sore throat, bad cough, and head ache.... blown. And what's worse is... iThink iGot this damn cold from my boyfriend. iCalled myself being a "ride or die" last weekend, iTook a trip back home and spent the entire weekend with him, while he was sick. Now... he's having dinner dates at PF Changs and Tattoo shops, and i'm sitting here with ya'll... No offense of course, iThink we having a great relationship, but right now it's much i'd rather do then sit at the computer screen and listen to this man ramble...

SN: So.. by no shape or form am I racist, but white ppl (esp these lil rich ass spoiled UNC/Duke students down here) can annoy the HELL out of me at times. So.. I'm sitting in the computer lab, and a pack of white chicks stumbled in (uber drunk) and the white girl falls into the lab, and blurts out: "Are you the shuttle bus driver?" Of course i'm giving her a MEAN side-eye... but iTried to be as nice as possible and iReplied: "Um... excuuuse me?" **pause** [it was then that she shouldve realized, okay she isn't lemme leave her alone. Did she? NO!] She continued, "iSaid, are YOU the shuttle bus driver?" iLooked to my left, looked to my right, then looked down at my attire, which consisted of black sweats, a black
PARADYCE [we'll come back to this name later] hoodie, and some 992s, WHAT about that said: "shuttle bus driver"....?? I simply told her to shut up and get the hell out.... #naiwonshrug

Ne ways, iSaid all of that to say... iWish iWere in Charlotte, NC right now instead of Durham. Better yet, scratch that... iWish iWere in the DMV. But it's kool... Spring Break is around the corner!!

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