Thursday, February 25, 2010



So.... um yeah. Uber new to this blog thing, but iWas inspired by a fellow blogger [ok, iSO forgot ur blog name gi gi lls] Ne ways, give me a week, and my blogs will be LAID.

iGuess the first blog is the "about me" portion... honestly, there's not much to write. I'm a current student at North Carolina Central University, but most importantly, iHave a lot to say. [and trust me, my opinion ALWAYS matter... #effumean] but hey, we'll see... this thing will be like a relationship, the layers will peel off gradually. iMean come one, iCant reveal everything to you guys at once.. technically we haven't even made it to first base yet :)

Ne ways, currently i'm doube fisting between tweeting and writing my lesson plans.. so iGuess iShould choose the latter. Tonight, i'll think of a blog topics to write about. Nice to get acqainted though.. i'll be later [or whateva]

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later babies!!

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