Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BGC Reunion..... #TeamNAT

DAMN! Let me be the first to say it, YES iLove watching BGC (Bad Girls Club) and iAm an avid fan... this season has had me hooked! Them girls are just a hot mess all around, they're FAR from BAD.. but if they're one thing for sure, it's definitely entertaining....iDon't even know where to start...

Well first.. let's start with the hostess who damn sure did the mostest, Miss Prez Hilton. I've never been a fan of hers... but MAN! She literally did and said whatever the hell she wanted, and iLOVED every minute of it!! She's probably the only person iKnow that could shut Natalie's loud, crazy ass up! Ne hoo, that mouth of his matched his outfit --> LOUD && WRONG! ugggh.. that pink from head to toe mix was a MESS. and while he was busy spraying Nat & Kate down w his water gun, someone shouldve been washing that bullshyt off of him. uggggh... However, he was hilarious! iMean he had absolutely NO limits to what he said.. my fave was when he asked Natalie if she was f*cking Chris Brown!! Or no.. better yet, when he asked Kendra did she give the bop (head for u non-dmvers) and she denied (we'll come back to that later) and then he turned to Natalie and said, "Well.. i'm sure you give blow jobs" HA! iDamn near DIED tonight... whooo!

Now just a few updates for u BGC watchers who didn't get to tune in:
...Amber is preggo by that damn predator guy *sticks tongue down throat* personally, iThink it's real coincidental how the bitch gets knocked up around reunion time, she knew wouldnt nobody be able to dogg her.. urgh!
..Kate and and Paul are back together for some reason his ass was there making comments n shyt. burrr... who are you Paul??
...Supposedly Kate made a tape to where she was "fisting"... idk, Nat spilled the beans
...Kendra was there also, promoting her new show: "Love Games" and she brought her lil "boy toys" with her... not to mention, Mr. Marcus, remember Moesha's little brother? Well he was there.. and Kendra was tryna act all goodie goodie for the boy. That was until Nat spilled her beans as well, and basically let everyone know that Kendra smashed the homie. hmmm... and lemme tell ya'll about her. So u Perez basically asked her did she give a blow job before, and this bitch gonna say: "no, iDon't do that.... iDont give blow jobs." whaaaaat??? yeah SURE Kendra! b!tch it's 2010... anyone who says they don't give the bop is clearly lying... puuh-leeease!!
... Ne ways, back to #TeamNAT, all those bishes were acting scared when she came on the scene. Everyone suddenly befriended and didn't have a problem with her , #lies. Well, all but two people, Kate and Flo. Kate was trying it with Natalie for some reason... and Natalie surely did get her ass up and spit right back into Kate's face
(SN: that spitting shyt is horrendous!! iHope none you participate in such #bitchassness.... come on now, be real!)

Perhaps the biggest score of the night, was the fight instigated between Nat and Flo. Flo the man walked out on the set, as butch as she could be. As soon as she could, she began making threats.. and literally no one said shyt about or to her. smh... that was #bitchassness in it's purest form. iWish Flo wouldve had me shook.. big or not, dyke or not.. it is what it is!
Ne hoo, so Flo and Nat get into it... and Flo got up and started tagging her ass. Can't see what happened next because of course Oxygen was pressed for the ratings, so they're saving it until next week.

Either way... iSeriously couldn't take Season 4's "bad girls"... them bishes were everything BUT badd.... hmmmm. iGuess we'll all be tuned in next week to see two of the realest scrap it out!

[im sure i'll have more to say later, but That's all iCan think of now]


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