Monday, March 8, 2010

Bye Bye Wayne... HELLO TIP

So... my loves, today was the day. Dwayne M. Carter was finally submitted into the prison system. iMean iThought the judge would choke off a cracker n then get a sudden case of amnesia and just totally dismiss the case. [don't act like that wasn't possible]

Ne hoo... i'm not as sick as iThought iWould be. [of course i'm Lil Wayne's number one fan... ugggh iLove him, iReally do] iMean.. this story has been like the boy who's cried wolf, every two weeks that nicca was going to jail... then it got to the point when iNever believed it. Ne hoo... let's all keep him in our prayers. the old saying goes, "Out with the old, IN with the New".... and today's NEW NEW is none other than T.I... Mr. TIP himself. iGuess now that Wayne is gone... TIP can try to reclaim what's left of the throne.

@LilDuval released a link to Tip's latest song "I'm Back." Indeed he is ladies n gents... the little short bastard [speaking of LilDuval of course] deleted the link after like 30 mins of posting.. but luckily iFound the song on youtube. He's going IN of course... except iFeel like i've heard that beat from him at least 5 times already... idk. Ne ways, the shyt still rocks! Enjoy!!

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