Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ok... so i'm sure by now we've all heard of that infamous FAMU sex tape....hmm.. before iEven share my thoughts and sentiments on that tape, iWill first like to declare:

That Sex tape is FALSE... iRepeat, FALSE. The tape is not real guys... so before u continue to retweet and forward emails.. please remove FAMU's name from any accreditation on that tape.

As a current student at an HBCU, iPersonally understand the consequences of such a tape.... SO i'm sure everyone attending FAMU is floored right now. If a #NCCUSexTape surfaced iWould be LIVID. Not only do iTake great pride in my institution, but also the representation of my school... how SICK of these ppl to use that school's name to try to win money. ( A $10,000 check to be exact)

Ne damn hoo... just thinking about this further is really pissing me off....

So.. thanks to a fellow blogger: vividlybland (check out her blog spot ---> ....
..the truth has been revealed. She says:
"Well i did a little investigating & its indeed a hoax. Jomarie, Alize, Cali, Double D's & Flawless--- I SEE YOU. They are paid actor's who are competing to win $10,000 from This is an actual porn. Real. Authentic. Just NOT from FAMU or in a FAMU dorm nor does it involve FAMU students."

Still not convinced??? WELL... as vivdlybland continued to investigate, she found out one of the girl's twitter... @Flawless_one1, who can also be found on MySpace as "Ashley Tidwell".. well ne ways.. for those who've seen the tape, she's the ghetto, hood joint that had the tongue ring, velour jacket and black shades (yesss... she was FOUL). Ne who... check below for these photos... does that scene look familiar???

(The names of the characters above are the actual people in the sex tape)

Well any damn way... that's the truth people. So everyone could stop getting so "hype" over this false tape that was actually a porno... iJust thought i'd pass along some factual info....
later creeps!!!

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