Saturday, March 6, 2010

How do u 'accidentally' sleep w a man???

OK.... so iWas doing a little web browsing... and iStumbled upon this story today....

FIRST off my question is: "Is it really possible to ACCIDENTALLY sleep w someone???"iJust don't understand...

There's a crime investigation going on in Leaugue City, Texas, apparently a woman was raped.

So here's the real scoop....

A young couple, 22 year old woman and 25 year old man, attended a party at a friend's house. The woman got completely WASTED, and the couple decided that instead of going home, they would stay the night at the friend's house.

At some point during the night, the woman felt someone tugging on her under wear, and next thing u know... she's all into it, just allowing the person to pull them down. She says, "she was under the impression that it was her boyfriend"... hmmmm...

Ne hoo, the woman then allowed the dude to insert, and they began having sex. BUT, she never saw his face because of the alleged position they were in ---> mhhhhm, that's right! he went straight for the kill... doggy styled her.

After it was over, dude walked out the room... and it was THEN that she rolled over and realized that, that WASN'T her damn boyfriend.

Now the police are looking for the dude, who is being described as a white male, 5'7 and 140 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. If found, he will be charged with First Degree Sexual Assault, and could face up to 20 years in prison. hmmmmm...

Now... tell me what do ya'll think?? My thing is this... first off, iJust refuse to believe the chick never turned around ONCE. iMean really. How u feel someone tugging at ur drawers and u just going along with it? iCan see if she were at home.. in her own bed. But ur staying at some one's house, HELLO??.. that couldve been anyone. [see... that's why u always have to be aware of ur surroundings at ALL times]

And idk about charging that guy with rape. iMean, technically it wasn't rape cuz she damn sure consented to the act of sexual intercourse with him. Maybe he thought she was a lil loose joint ready for some action??

Idk... this entire situation is just mind boggling to me... accidental sex?? iThink NOT. Texas laws are always a trip.. iCould never live in that redneck of a state... Home girl needs to stop playing and fess up.... about to ruin some one's life over her stupidity.

What ya'll think???


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