Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Damn a Bed Rock... i'm on Bed REST!

...::MOOD::... sick as a damn dog...

Currently iHave this hacking ass smokers cough. It sounds like iHave an 18-wheeler exhaust pipe in my throat. My eyes have huge dark circles around them, i'm looking real #asianboyfromthering ish right now.... and this is a #random question but: "You ever notice how when ur sick as hell, ur lips are like SUPER dry??" idk.. maybe that's just meeh..

Ne ways, today was hmm... as my homegirl Monica would say, "Just one of them damn days." I've been home all day because iStill have this blasted cold... so iPretty much did nothing but develop lessons plans and tweet/facebook it up ALL damn day. 

#SN: currently #ifuckedmymoneyupnowicantreup is a TT on twitter right now. SMH... ugh blame Lil Duval, and his absent minded followers....

Ne ways, back to my damn day. So yeah, iDid nothing really. And for some damn reason, everybody and their baby mama keep asking me about a damn probate on campus. buuur?? #fuckilooklike, the Dean of Greek Affairs??  

If ya'll can't tell.. i'm in a pretty snappy mood. Aunt Dot came to visit today, and she came at a FULL speed. yiiiikes!... and that's a mean bitch. iPromise you guys we do NOT get along at all... ne ways, the moral of that thought... Aunt Dot plus this damn cold, definitely made me a RudeGal today hehehehe....

SN: let me tell ya'll what Kim Kardashian's dumb ass tweeted:
@KimKarhdashian Pieces are the best! My dad, brother and boyfriend are pieces... Best sign for boys!!
Is that not the dumbest shyt ya'll have ever read?? dumb ass meant to say PICES... instead this bitch is talking about PIECES... no damn comment. smh...

lol.. ne ways...i'm about to warm up this spaghetti (yum yummy) and have me a nice, chilled fruit punch apple sauce for dessert =) i'm on my #kanyeworkoutplan and iShall not cheat!!!

later babies!!


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