Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LiKE Father LiKE son.... Young Diggy in the game!

So we've all come to fall in love with America's 2nd family, The Simmons...
[some say First, but how DARE ya'll come at the Obamas like that, r ya'll crazy??]

I for one have much respect for that family... they're some hustlers forreal!! That is one wealthy name to live under, but they all make their own money, u can't disagree with that. They may have started off with that Run DMC money.. but they definitely didn't stay there. Angela and Vanessa got their lil Pastry thing going on.. Jo Jo is making his way in the music business.. but the newest talk in town is about Mr. Diggy Simmons, himself.

On the show we saw Diggy's sudden passion for fashion (lil dude is fly too, if iDon't say) but it seems that now, the lyrical gene has yet again been passed down. Check out Diggy's latest freestyle off Nas' "Made You Look." He ripped it in my opinion.. looks like big bro has some competition! oowwww......

ps.... Diggy has a mixtape out called "The First Flight". If you would like to hear more about this young man... u should download. it's pretty dapper....


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