Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok ya'll.... we on some new type shyt with this blog... this is all seriousness, so pardon RudeGal for a minute, all jokes will be set aside. Many ppl ask what is this "Illuminati" that my friends and I joke about...

Disclaimer this is just an opinion that iAm entitled to and that iHave. All information obtained, iResearched and read.

A couple of months ago, iWas in my room and iOverheard a conversation my roommate was having in the living room. It was a heated argument, so what started out as me ease dropping, turned into me actually being engaged in the discussion. She was taking about the "Illuminati"... and iWas like buuurrr... =/

iBegan asking questions, and next thing iKnow... we spent the entire evening researching and you tubing videos on the "Illuminati"

Illuminati is believed to be a secret society, ideally connected with the government, and often times is used to control politics and the music and entertainment industry. The theories based from Illuminati, are centered around satanism and the belief of creating a: "New World Order." There is much symbolism in these teaching.. much of which is rumored to be creatively hidden within music videos, movies, hand signs, etc.

There is much more to be said and revealed... however, if you want to know the truth behind these meanings... then do your research people.

Most videos can be found on YouTube, which go into a greater detail. This was a recent video posted, that iThought iWould share this with you guys...

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