Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Back in the Go Go"

...::Mood: relaxed::...

So... iWoke up in the DMV today... and BOY was that thee best!! iLove everything about home... the smells, the traffic, the damn snow, the way the city looks at night... the carry-outs, the bad ass kids that should be home but they're out walking the streets at night, the metro [where u meet thee craziest ppl], the road rage everyone has that matches mine, the crack heads u learn to deal with by age 10... iCould continue but iwould be ALL day on this subject....

All in all... "Feels good to be heeeerreee" *shawty lo voice*
Currently i'm sitting here with my dog... and she keeps bringing every chew toy possible in my bed... UGH, like WHY?? but iLove her tho. U ever watch TV, and u see those ppl that are obsessed w their dogs? U know.. the ones that talk to them in
baby voices and kiss them in the mouth??
yupp... that's me. #judgme, idc... but iLOVE my damn dog. hehehehe... matta fact, lemme add a pic :

Isn't she the most adorable thing EVER???

(#lies if u don't agree.....)

Ne damn ways.... im about to grab a bite to eat... and get ready to surf the city =)

catch ya'll waaaaaay later!!


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