Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home Wrecker!!

Ok ya'll... so how do ya'll feel about the whole Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats situation?? iMean.. can we call Alicia a home wrecker? Was it really over before her an Swizz got started??? IDK...

Personally, iFeel some type of way about them two now. iMean, iGet it, all marriages do not work out. But i'm sure that damn Swizz was making passes at Alicia for a min, WHEN he was MARRIED. iMean really, these two have been "close" for a number of years now..iJust feel that as a woman, Alicia should have had much more respect for Mashonda. Alicia Keys sings about love all the time, she knew what the shyt was.

This situation just rubs me the wrong way... why is it that men and women pursue people that already have significant others?? iJust hate how people can be super thirsty for others. iJust don't get it... the excuse: "well, they're breaking up anyways..." come on now! First off, if you've ever been in a serious relationship, u know that breaking up isn't just a one day process. You don't just call it quits and ur done. You go thru the stages of letting go, u know.. first there's still still sex involved, then the phone calls and texts, maybe a few visits.... u gradually let things go. And even still... MOST ppl try to make it work u know? Now how the HELL could u make it work, when u already have someone in ur face?? Of course everything that person does will be damn near majestic compared to ur current situation.

idk people... maybe someone can explain this to me...?? Even with guys, for some reason i'm a magnet to niccas with girlfriends. So many guys will try to holla, when wholetime "wifey" is at home. buuurrr.... never got down with that! Karma is a vengeful b!tch, and she's nothing to play with. I'll be damned if some thirsty trick comes along and tries to take my dude.... not happening. So iHave respect for those "wifeys" cuz trust me women, while he's telling you " she's this.. she's that. i'm gonna leave her, ur so perfect, blah blah fckn blah" he's still going back to her ass everyday. He's still on the phone w her ass every night. You're nothing and will always be the "side ho". And even still, IF he does decide to be with you... he'll eventually do the same thing to you that he did with the other woman, CHEAT.

I'm sure Alicia and Swizz may be happy together... but iStill call that trick a home wrecker! They didn't even let the damn ink dry on the divorce papers before they were out, seen publicly together. Smdh at that one....


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