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Monday, March 15, 2010

A HOT Mess....

Ok ya'll.... so iKnow much attention has been centered around Precious aka Gabouret Sidibe (but clearly we all know of her as lil Precious, #effumean??) ne hoo, this pic has surfaced the net and MAN! iMean, i'm sure her money isn't long enough to blow just yet... but even on your brokest day, should u NEVER look like this. idk ya'll... Oprah needs to holla at her forreal, cuz ALL of that needs to go! The tracks, the shoes, EVERYTHING.

SN: Honestly, iFeel as though some type or work out plan should be implemented. That size can't even be considered healthy. One of my friends said: "I'm convinced her and Biggie were separated at birth!" *dead*... iWon't comment on that, BUT ya'll decide.. there is no excuse for this look.... lol


  1. riiigghhtt!!!! I will be blogging about her too!! she need to lose WEIGHT! LOL