Monday, March 15, 2010

We Can't be FRIENDS??


So... this is something that's been on my mind heavily recently.

iWas told recently by a male friend, that he couldn't "date" me because iWas too big of a flirt and had WAY too many male friends. hmmm.. i've heard this many times before, but never has a reason to "not be dated." Coincidentally a few days later, my dude and iHad a falling out, and a allegation was made about me and a male friend, and suddenly i've come to realize that he too, had a problem. hmmmmm...

Then there's the next situation... so i'm cool with the majority of my ex boyfriends, probably all of them really. Some of them, iTalk to on the phone, others iMay just chill with. Regardless, they've easily been placed into the "friend category", it's not a big deal, #webeenoffthat. Not to mention, a vast amount of my friends are males anyways (No disrespect to my ladies, but at times, we do the MOST, iCan't be around too may females at once) ne hoo, the point is, iHave a tremendous amount of male friends. Recently, i've hung out w one of them, strictly plutonic, just a day spent in Georgetown, shopping in DC. So my dude friends finds out, via a twitter ( he read my tweet that said: "Shopping with the ex today.. THIS should be interesting") and he's like, "wait.. does so and so know?? ex huh? there's no such thing as being friends w an ex..."

REALLY?? Why isn't it? And WHY is it that iCan't even have male friends. If iHave one too many it's, "oh iCant date you." NO... you can't "date" me because i'm secure with myself, my sexuality, and my relationship to be able to keep things strictly plutonic. iJust don't get it. iCould be in the same room as someone iHad sex with and not think anything of it [well... most times, hehehe] Mannn... guys do this shyt all the time! Have a billion female friends, associate with exes... it's no crime then. but when RudeGal does it, the world stops. yeaaah ok!!

The moral of this story was, iTotally disagree with not being able to be friends with the opposite sex or ex. Unless you're still in love w them or feelings are involved, then there should be no problem. People just need to check their feelings at the damn door. [leave it there]...#trustme, it's easy.....



  1. i def agree with u...i have a male best friend and some times i would rather spend time with him than some of my female friends...and it seems lik everything turns topsy turvy as soon as it the girl being friends with the guy like its such a problem that ur doing the same thing the nigga is...smh...niggas have such double standards it kills me...and i personally think u should be irate with that lil twitter stalker cause he was doing the MOST...but u already know how i feel about that 'shitty' situation HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

  2. hahahaha..... lots of comments to that, but iShall pick n choose what to say!

    my best friend is a guy.. and iProbably have about 5 female friends on my roster, the rest all males. #judgme, that's what it is... but that double standard shyt is a blow! But luckily iDon't follow the norm..... =)